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Let Trinka "Taylor You" For the Moments of Your Life!
Have you ever forgotten a person’s name shortly after being introduced?
Have you insulted someone by using humor inappropriately?  Have you worn the wrong clothing to an event? Perhaps you wrote an angry e-mail in haste and regretted doing so.

The statement, “you have less than 15 seconds to make a good first impression and a lifetime to undo a poor one” are words to live by. Mistakes and mishaps have happened to all of us. It is Trinka Taylor’s
desire to effectively prevent individuals from damaging their reputation or effectiveness in business and social settings.
In today’s current diverse world, the chances of saying or doing “the wrong thing” are much greater than ever before. The past decades have been a time of increasing informality in the home and workplace. The business environment demands corporate executives and future young leaders to master principles of etiquette as quickly and thoroughly as possible in order to avoid serious ramifications from inappropriate behavior, poor judgment, or cultural insensitivity.

Taylor You is an organization with 20 years of experience in the customer service industry.  Trinka and her team of experts have helped hundreds of executives, leaders, and young adults identify and avoid common etiquette pitfalls and polish their interpersonal skills.
 We would appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Taylor You
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